I didn’t watch AnoHana until just now. Or rather, I watched the first episode the week it premiered but couldn’t bring myself to watch it again the next week after crying during the first one. NOT A FAN OF CRYING ONCE A WEEK, SORRY. It finally ended last week so I sat down and watched the whole thing last night and this afternoon and




I am still sobbing after the last episode. SOBBING LIKE A LITTLE BABY. I’m seriously amazed. I’m very picky about the shows that I actually like but this show surpassed every expectation I had: storyline, timing, character development, animation, production, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!1

I can’t believe it took me an entire year to watch Durarara

it was mostly because I told myself that I would take a break for a season and not keep up with more than one series every week (I was already watching Kimi ni Todoke) then resolved to watch a marathon of it right after it ended but by then I was already knee deep in my research paper on Haruhi for my senior seminar so I couldn’t take up any shows (at least until K-On!! premiered) ughhhhhh if Durarara had ended just a bit earlier I totally would have written my paper on it D: